Top 10 Dayton Wedding Locations

Top 10 Dayton Wedding Locations

Top TEN Dayton Wedding locations

 I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have the job that I do. As a wedding and engagement photographer in Dayton, I get to witness some truly magical moments. Throughout my career, which began in 2005, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing over 750 weddings and over 700 engagements at a variety of stunning locations throughout the city. While it can be meaningful to choose a spot that holds special significance for you and your partner, it’s equally enjoyable to select a location that reflects your unique style and personality. That way, you can simply relax and savor the moment. Please take a look below at my top 10 favorite Dayton wedding locations.


Dayton Art InstituteDayton Wedding Photography

Courtney & James’ Dayton Art Institute Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding in Dayton and looking for a venue that combines elegance, art, and history, The Dayton Art Institute is a place you simply can’t overlook. Ranked among the top ten Dayton wedding locations, this venue offers more than just a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos; it offers an experience steeped in culture and beauty.

The Dayton Art Institute, an architectural and cultural gem, has been a part of Dayton’s landscape since its founding in 1919. Designed in the Italian Renaissance style, the building itself is a work of art, featuring elegant exteriors and a grand, welcoming entrance. Over the years, it has become more than just an art museum; it’s a vibrant part of the community, hosting a variety of events and celebrations, including weddings.

Imagine capturing your special moments surrounded by breathtaking art and architectural beauty. The Dayton Art Institute offers a range of stunning settings for wedding photography. The elegant rotunda, with its intricate details and expansive space, provides a sophisticated and glamorous backdrop. The Gothic Cloister, another popular spot within the museum, offers a touch of medieval charm, perfect for those looking for something unique and dramatic.

The beautifully landscaped grounds and the museum’s exterior, with its classic columns and picturesque steps, are ideal for outdoor photos. Whether it’s a sunny afternoon or a romantic evening, the light and shadows play beautifully across this historic building, offering a plethora of opportunities to capture your love in a timeless setting.

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As one of the top ten Dayton wedding locations, The Dayton Art Institute offers more than just a venue; it provides a setting that’s rich with history and brimming with artistic wonder. It’s a place where each photograph becomes a piece of art, capturing the beauty of your special day against a backdrop of timeless elegance.

Cox Arboretum Metro ParkDayton Wedding Photographer

Ashley & Brandon’s Cox Arboretum Wedding

In Dayton, Ohio, Cox Arboretum stands out as an exceptional choice for wedding photography, particularly for those who appreciate the beauty of nature. Renowned as one of the top ten Dayton wedding locations, this 189-acre park and arboretum offers a peaceful and picturesque setting.

Since 1962, Cox Arboretum has been a treasured part of the Five Rivers MetroParks system, evolving into a diverse landscape of gardens, forests, and a Butterfly House. It’s a testament to the community’s commitment to preserving natural beauty amidst urban development.

Cox Arboretum’s variety of natural settings, from the vibrant Butterfly House to thematic gardens and tranquil waterways, provides a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. The park’s natural light and lush scenery are ideal for capturing both the grandeur and the intimate moments of a wedding.

Connecting with Cox Arboretum Planning a visit or photography session at Cox Arboretum is easy:

Cox Arboretum is not just a location; it’s a celebration of nature’s beauty, offering a serene and beautiful backdrop for capturing the moments of your special day. It’s an ideal spot for those who want their wedding photos to reflect the tranquility and beauty of the natural world.

Schuster CenterSchuster Center Dayton Ohio Wedding ceremony

Sahar & Brent’s Schuster Center Wedding

In the heart of Dayton lies the Schuster Center, a beacon of modern architecture and artistic flair. This venue, counted among the top ten Dayton wedding locations, offers a unique and stylish backdrop for couples who want their wedding photography to be as contemporary and dynamic as their love story.

The Schuster Performing Arts Center, opened in 2003, is relatively young in history but rich in cultural impact. It was named in honor of Benjamin and Marian Schuster, whose contributions helped bring this architectural masterpiece to life. The center, with its stunning Wintergarden and state-of-the-art Mead Theatre, has quickly become a hub for the arts in Dayton, hosting everything from Broadway shows to grand weddings.

The Schuster Center’s modern aesthetics provide a multitude of stunning photographic opportunities. The Wintergarden, with its impressive glass dome and lush indoor garden, creates a setting that is both elegant and inviting. This space, filled with natural light and greenery, offers a serene oasis in the midst of the bustling city.

Inside, the Mead Theatre impresses with its expansive stage and auditorium, a dramatic setting for capturing those grand, cinematic moments. The building’s sleek lines, glass façades, and contemporary art installations provide a multitude of backdrops for creative and memorable photos.

Interested in capturing your wedding moments at the Schuster Center? Here’s how to get in touch:

The Schuster Center is definitely one of the top ten Dayton wedding locations. It offers more than just a venue; it offers a canvas for creativity and style. Here, your wedding photos will not only capture moments of your celebration but also reflect the artistic and modern spirit of Dayton.

Cherish the memories of your wedding because this special moment only happens once in a lifetime.

The Steam Plant

The Steam Plant Dayton Ohio WeddingJaclyn & Josh’s The Steam Plant Dayton Wedding

The Steam Plant stands out as a unique wedding venue that masterfully combines industrial history with modern elegance. As one of the top ten Dayton wedding locations, this venue offers a distinctive backdrop for couples seeking something truly unique for their wedding photography.

The Steam Plant’s story is deeply rooted in Dayton’s industrial past. Originally built in 1907 as an actual steam plant, it played a crucial role in powering the city. After closing its doors, the building underwent a transformative renovation, turning it into a sought-after event space. Today, it honors its industrial legacy with preserved architectural elements like exposed brick, towering ceilings, and original machinery, all contributing to its unique charm.

At The Steam Plant, the blend of industrial architecture and modern amenities creates an unforgettable setting for wedding photography. The spacious main hall, with its high ceilings and grand windows, floods the space with natural light, perfect for capturing bright, airy photos. The exposed brick walls and steel beams provide a contrast that adds character and depth to each image.

For couples seeking an urban, yet elegant vibe, the outdoor patio area is a dream. It’s a versatile space that can be transformed to suit any theme, from romantic and intimate to bold and modern. As night falls, the interior’s warm lighting casts a soft, inviting glow, perfect for capturing the romance and excitement of your celebration.

Planning Your Visit to The Steam Plant Interested in making The Steam Plant part of your wedding story? Here’s how to get in touch:

The Steam Plant is more than just a venue; it’s a symbol of Dayton’s resilience and creativity. As one of the top ten Dayton wedding locations, it offers a unique and memorable setting for your wedding photography, where every picture tells the story of Dayton’s past, your present, and a future filled with endless possibilities.

Top of the Market

Top of the Market Deli Dayton Ohio wedding preparationsAshley & David’s Top of the Market Wedding

The Top of the Market emerges as an iconic venue, combining urban sophistication with a rich historical background. This distinctive location is frequently listed among the top ten Dayton wedding locations, offering a unique and memorable setting for wedding photography.

The Top of the Market is housed in a building that has been a part of Dayton’s history for decades. Originally a bustling produce market, this space has been transformed while retaining its original character and charm. The building’s past as a market adds a unique, authentic touch to the venue, with its high ceilings, exposed beams, and industrial accents serving as reminders of its storied past.

The beauty of The Top of the Market lies in its ability to blend the old with the new. The venue’s open, airy space is a blank canvas for couples to personalize, whether they’re aiming for a rustic feel or a more modern, sophisticated vibe. The original wooden beams and brickwork provide a warm, inviting backdrop, while the large windows let in an abundance of natural light, perfect for capturing bright, lively photos.

For couples seeking an urban edge, the venue’s exterior offers a fantastic backdrop, with its historic architecture and urban surroundings. Inside, the spacious layout allows for creative setups, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, ensuring that every moment of your special day is captured in style.

Your Wedding at The Top of the Market Interested in bringing your wedding photography dreams to life at The Top of the Market? Reach out through the following:

As one of the top ten Dayton wedding locations, The Top of the Market offers a unique setting where history and modernity come together to create the perfect backdrop for your wedding photography. It’s a place where every picture tells a story, not just of your special day, but also of a venue that’s as unique and vibrant as Dayton itself.

Polen Farm

Dayton Wedding Photographers, Polen Farm Wedding bride groom receptionTy & Austin Polen Farm Dayton Wedding

Polen Farm is a historic 19th-century farmhouse and barn set against lush landscapes have made it one of the top ten Dayton wedding locations for couples seeking a blend of country charm and sophisticated elegance in their wedding photography.

Polen Farm’s history dates back to the early 1800s, offering a glimpse into Dayton’s pastoral past. The beautifully restored farmhouse and barn speak volumes of the area’s agricultural heritage. Maintaining its original structure and charm, the farm has transformed over the years into a coveted venue for weddings and special events, providing a picturesque setting that beautifully marries history with the present.

The appeal of Polen Farm as a wedding photography venue lies in its ability to offer diverse and enchanting backdrops. The rustic barn, with its wooden beams and warm lighting, creates a cozy yet elegant atmosphere, perfect for capturing intimate moments. The sprawling grounds, dotted with mature trees and manicured lawns, offer a serene setting for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

The farmhouse itself, with its quaint architecture and charming details, provides a unique backdrop for bridal party preparations and smaller gatherings. Whether you’re looking for sun-kissed outdoor photos or more intimate indoor shots, Polen Farm’s versatile spaces ensure that every moment of your special day is captured beautifully.

Connect with Polen Farm To explore the rustic charm of Polen Farm for your wedding day, here’s how you can get in touch:

Polen Farm is not just a location; it’s a piece of Dayton’s history, offering a pastoral escape in the heart of the city. As one of the top ten Dayton wedding locations, it presents an idyllic setting for couples who wish to infuse their wedding photography with rustic elegance and timeless charm.

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Dayton Masonic Center

Dayton Wedding Photographers, Dayton Masonic Center weddingKristin & Tyler’s Dayton Masonic Center Wedding

The Dayton Masonic Center, is known for its majestic structure and rich history, this venue is rightfully among the top ten Dayton wedding locations for couples seeking a blend of grandeur and elegance.

Built in the early 1920s, the Dayton Masonic Center, also known as the Dayton Masonic Temple, stands as a testament to classical architecture and Masonic tradition. Its stunning design, inspired by ancient Greek and Egyptian styles, embodies a time when craftsmanship and attention to detail were paramount. The Center has been a focal point for community events and gatherings for nearly a century, making it a significant part of Dayton’s cultural and social landscape.

The Dayton Masonic Center captivates with its impressive facade, grand staircase, and the intricate details of its interior design. The building’s exterior, with its towering columns and stately presence, provides a regal backdrop for outdoor photographs. The spacious front steps are ideal for group shots and striking couple portraits.

Inside, the Center boasts opulent ballrooms, each with its unique character. The ornate ceilings, marble floors, and classic decor of these ballrooms offer a luxurious setting for elegant and timeless wedding photos. The grandeur of the main hall, with its high ceilings and sweeping arches, is perfect for capturing the excitement and emotion of your special day.

Planning Your Visit To explore the Dayton Masonic Center for your wedding photography:

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As one of the top ten Dayton wedding locations, the Dayton Masonic Center is more than just a venue; it’s a piece of history. It offers a grand and sophisticated backdrop that will bring a sense of majesty and timelessness to your wedding photographs.


Brightside Event CenterDayton Ohio Brightside Event Center Wedding

Heather and Montgomery’s Brightside Event Center Wedding

Brightside Event Center is a contemporary space, nestled in the city’s dynamic landscape, is recognized as one of the top ten Dayton wedding locations for couples who desire a blend of urban chic and customizable elegance.

The Brightside, located in Dayton’s burgeoning downtown area, has an intriguing history. Once an industrial building, it has been transformed into a stylish and flexible event space. This transformation reflects Dayton’s own evolution from a manufacturing powerhouse to a hub of creativity and culture. The venue now stands as a testament to the city’s ability to reinvent and repurpose its spaces, turning them into something new and exciting.

What makes the Brightside Event Center stand out is its ability to adapt to any wedding theme or style. Its open, airy spaces are like a blank canvas, waiting to be transformed to match your vision. The large windows flood the space with natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere perfect for daytime photography. As the sun sets, the interior takes on a warm, romantic glow, ideal for capturing those intimate evening moments.

The outdoor areas of the venue provide additional options for photographs. The urban setting creates a unique backdrop, offering a mix of modern structures and natural elements. Whether you’re seeking a sophisticated, minimalistic look or a more lush, decorative setting, the Brightside Event Center can accommodate your needs.

Contacting the Brightside Event Center To explore this versatile venue for your wedding photography:

The Brightside Event Center offers a contemporary and stylish setting for your wedding photography, firmly placing it among the top ten Dayton wedding locations. It’s a venue that reflects the city’s forward-thinking spirit, perfect for couples who want their wedding photos to capture a blend of modern elegance and personal style.

Canopy Creek Farm

Canopy Creed Dayton Ohio Wedding reception barnSydney and Preston’s Canopy Creek Farm Wedding

Canopy Creek Farm stands out as a venue that beautifully marries rustic charm with natural elegance. This serene farm, nestled among rolling hills and lush greenery, is consistently ranked among the top ten Dayton wedding locations, offering a dreamy backdrop for couples seeking a countryside vibe for their wedding photography.

Canopy Creek Farm, with its sprawling acres of natural beauty, has a rich heritage that adds to its charm. Originally a working farm, it has been lovingly transformed into a breathtaking event venue while retaining its rustic essence. The farm’s history is intertwined with Dayton’s agricultural past, making it a meaningful location for those who appreciate the simplicity and beauty of rural Ohio.

The farm provides an idyllic setting for wedding photos. The enchanting horse barn, with its classic wooden structure, exudes a rustic charm perfect for creating a warm, cozy ambiance in your pictures. The expansive fields and scenic pond offer a picturesque outdoor setting, ideal for capturing those candid, joyful moments amidst nature.

As the sun sets, the landscape transforms into a magical setting with the golden light casting a romantic hue over the fields, perfect for those stunning golden-hour shots. The farm’s open spaces also allow for creative and fun group photography, ensuring every special moment is captured.

Plan Your Picture-Perfect Day at Canopy Creek Farm Ready to make Canopy Creek Farm the backdrop for your wedding day? Here’s how you can connect:

As one of the top ten Dayton wedding locations, Canopy Creek Farm offers a unique blend of pastoral beauty and modern amenities. It’s a venue that promises not just stunning photographs, but also an experience that embodies the tranquil and heartfelt spirit of Dayton.

NCR Country ClubNCR Country Club Dayton Wedding

Molly and Dan’ NCR Country Club Wedding

NCR Country Club is recognized as one of the top ten Dayton wedding locations, this prestigious club offers a perfect blend of lush landscapes and sophisticated architecture, making it an ideal setting for wedding photography.

The NCR Country Club has a storied history that dates back to its founding in 1954. Originally part of the National Cash Register Company’s employee welfare program, the club has evolved over the years into a distinguished landmark. With its meticulously maintained golf courses and stunning clubhouse, the club has been host to numerous prestigious golf tournaments and events, making it a significant part of Dayton’s social and cultural fabric.

The Country Club’s expansive grounds provide a picturesque setting for wedding photos. The beautifully landscaped gardens, with their blooming flowers and manicured lawns, create a serene and romantic backdrop. The golf courses, with their rolling hills and scenic vistas, offer a vast canvas of natural beauty, perfect for capturing those joyful outdoor moments.

The clubhouse, with its classic decor and elegant banquet halls, provides a luxurious indoor setting for more formal photographs. Whether it’s a grand reception in the ballroom or an intimate gathering in one of the private dining rooms, the club’s interiors exude an air of sophistication and timeless charm.

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As one of the top ten Dayton wedding locations, NCR Country Club is more than just a venue; it’s a symbol of elegance and tradition. It offers an ideal setting for wedding photography, where every picture captures the essence of your celebration against a backdrop of Dayton’s finest landscapes and sophisticated architecture.

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With the list of my top ten favorite wedding locations in Dayton, along with their addresses, phone numbers, websites, and brief descriptions, you can now begin planning the perfect proposal for your significant other. Dayton offers a range of options, from picturesque parks to cultural settings and unique urban spots, making it the ideal place for a memorable wedding experience.



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