Wedding Styles

Maxim Photo Studio uses three primary wedding photography styles which are Available light, Candid/photojournalistic and Illustrative. This allows us to tell a complete story of the day no matter whether we are shooting in the dark church, under midday sun or inside a moodily lit reception hall.

Available Light Style

Available light style emphasizes the use of the available light. This light source can be either from natural sources such as the sun or a bright moon or artificial sources such as room lights, flash or video lights. Each of these lights have a different properties and are treated uniquely. Available light photography focuses on telling the direction of the light this light in relation to the subject.

Photojournalist/Candid Style

Photojournalistic or Candid photography style is like being a fly on the wall and just observing/capturing the events in front of you. Very often there is little interaction between the photographer and the subject because captured moment is anticipated and not planned ahead of time such as these images.

Illustrative Style

Illustrative style is arguably the most advanced photography approach because the image appears 3D because of focus on each layer. The background, the subject (middle ground) and the foreground are either enhanced or minimized to create a unique subject composition. The background and available light are key elements with the illustrative style. Very often, these images require the use of external flash to separate the subject from the background. Additionally, the use of wide angle lenses are very important. Examples below demonstrate the style with the couple set apart from the background with the use of off-camera flash.

Wedding Gallery

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