Cox Arboretum Engagement | Sahar + Brent


Cox Arboretum Engagement | Sahar + Brent

Cox Arboretum Engagement

Schuster Center

Angela and I photographed Sahar and Brent’s Cox Arboretum Engagement last night. We also photographed at Schuster Center to complete our After Dark session.

Our After Dark Engagement sessions usually start 90 minutes before sunset and finish 90 minutes after the sun goes down. This allows us to capture the best list on both sides of the sunset. The tricky part of capturing the sunset is the amount of time that you have to capture it. The “optimal sky” with vivid blues and oranges is often a chance encounter and when we see the colors starting to develop we then have about 20 minutes to shoot. Such was the case last night as we moved from one side of the Cox Arboretum to the other to be sure to pull the colors out of the sky. Definitely portfolio worthy images.

We are going to be photographing their wedding inJune 2015 at Schuster Center. Here are my favorite images from the engagement.

cox-arboretum-dayton-ohio-engagementCox Arboretum Engagementcox-arboretum-engagement-sunsetCox Arboretum After Dark Nighttime Engagement cox-arboretum-dayton-ohio-engagementBrent played football for The Ohio State University so it was only appropriate to include a football in some of the images

cox-arboretum-dayton-ohio-engagement-02Off Camera Flash during the After Dark engagement cox-arboretum-dayton-ohio-engagement
cox-arboretum-dayton-ohio-engagementSahar’s dress fit perfectly for the amazing sunset colors
Schuster-center-dayton-ohio-engagementSchuster Center After Dark Nighttime Engagement Schuster-center-dayton-ohio-engagementSchuster Center After Dark Nighttime Engagement