Susie + Scott – Roebling Bridge Cincinnati Engagement

Susie + Scott – Roebling Bridge Cincinnati Engagement
Amazing Cincinnati After Dark engagement shoot last night with Susie and Scott. We started in the evening about 30 minutes before sunset on Roebling Bridge and then went to Millionaire’s Row for some night shots of the Cincinnati skyline. We ended on the Cincinnati side at Smale Riverfront Park by the Red’s Stadium and the colorful fountain lights. During the shoot we used some Natural/Available light as well as our specialty, Off Camera Lighting to really separate the subjects from the background. Our Off Camera technique provide a cross light to add dimension to the subjects faces. Thanks to Angela for helping out with the shoot.

Reds Stadium Cincinnati Skyline engagement

Reds Stadium Cincinnati Skyline engagement

Roebling Bridge Cincinnati Skyline Engagement

Roebling Bridge Cincinnati Skyline Engagement


Roebling Bridge Cincinnati Engagement with Susie and Scott


Love Susie’s expression in their Roebling Bridge Engagement in CincinnatiRoebling-bridge-cincinnati-fountains-reds-stadium-engagement-photographs-susie-scott-04

Roebling Bridge Engagement in Cincinnati


Engagement couple at Roebling Bridge in Cincinnati


Off Camera Lighting at Roebling Bridge engagement in Cincinnati with Accent Condominiums in the background adds dimension and texture to Susie and Scott’s faces.


B&W Engagement shot with Off Camera Lighting at Millionaire’s Row in Covington Kentucky engagement


Off Camera Lighting at Millionaire’s Row in Covington KY using the Canon 85mm f1.2 II lens for the ultimate background blur (bokeh)


Off camera lighting during Susie and Scott’s engagement. Love the motion blur of the image as I used rear curtain sync with a slow shutter speed.


Off camera lighting at the engagement photography shoot at Smale Riverfront Park in Cincinnati


Smale Riverfront park engagement in Cincinnati using Off Camera Flash


“A little attitude never heart nobody” during the Cincinnati engagement shoot at Smale Riverfront Park


My amazing couple at Smale Riverfront Park in Cincinnati as I used Off Camera Flash to separate Susie and Scott from the background.


This is what photography is all about. Expression above everything else. Once you nail the expression the picture is “made” Off Camera Flash really adds a 3D dimensional feel to the image.


Smale Riverfront Park by Cincinnati Reds Stadium using Off Camera Flash


Susie and Scott’s engagement at Smale Riverfront Park in Cincinnati