Canon 200mm f/2 lens

Canon 200mm f/2 lens

Canon 200mm f/2.0 Wedding Photography lens

After 10 years of wedding photography, I am beginning to shift my wedding photography gear to all prime lenses. These lenses are non-zoom, and as such, I am required to use my feet to zoom by walking closer or farther away. However, these lenses are fantastic because of their image quality, low light capability, and a pleasing background blur.

Perhaps the best portrait lens is the Canon 200mm f2.0 lens. This lens is an L (Canon Luxury) and also has an IS (Image Stabilization). According to all of the reviews, this lens is as good as it gets. Here is an in-depth review that says that the Canon 200mm f/2.0 “…is an optically, mechanically and physically awesome lens…”

Because the lens’s focal length is 200mm, I need to ensure that I am further back to capture the action. That is why I also have either a 135 mm f2.0 L or 85 f1.2 L II on me at all times so I can have a nice variety of images. The big advantage for me comes from the fact that I can stand very far away from the action and still be able to capture the event in a photojournalistic way. This way my subjects are often unaware that I am taking pictures of them and can be “themselves” instead of posing.

I’ve used this lens last weeks on a Senior shoot, an engagement, and at a wedding and was blown away by the performance. Check out some of my other photography lenses and accessories on my Gear Page.Canon 200mm F/2 Portrait LensThe 200 is a beast, weighing in at a hefty 5.6 pounds, and should be handled only by trained professionals. I think there is a warning like that in the instruction manual.Potato Hill Farm Wedding Photography with 200mm F/2 Canon lensCheck out the background blur on this Potato Hill Farm wedding image.Canon 200mm F/2 Portrait lens on engagement sessionThis lens compresses the image so well that the background feels like it is immediately behind the subjects.Canon 200mm F/2 lens portrait senior session picture