2014 Wedding Photography Year in Review

2014 Wedding Photography Year in Review

2014 Wedding Photography Year in Review

I wanted to provide a quick Maxim Photo Studio 2014 Wedding Photography Year in Review of all of our great 2014 Wedding and Engagement Couples. This year we photographed 30 weddings and over 40 engagements.

Our first wedding was in the snow on February 15th in Cincinnati, and we finished up on December 31st with the New Year’s celebration in Mason, Ohio. In between, we traveled to parts of Indiana, Washington DC, Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati.

A truly memorable experience this year occurred on Saturday, September 20th and Sunday 21st. On Saturday, we drove to Clear Lake in Indiana to photograph a lake wedding with Susan and Scott. When we were finished at 1 AM, we drove all night to a wedding in Washington DC. However, this wedding was very unique as it was actually held on the center ice at the Capital One Arena. It was called “The Wedding on Ice” and this was the first time Capital One Arena accommodated such an event.

This year’s hot trend continued to be our Unboxed Photo Booth and our Slow Motion Video Booth. We set up 15 Photo Booths for our wedding couples this year. The other hot trend this year was our  Deluxe and After Dark Engagement Sessions. We captured a whopping 44 engagements this year, with 7 engagements coming from couples who already had other photographers booked for their weddings but couldn’t get the exact engagement experience that my Studio offers.

I look forward to a great 2015 which already promises to top 2014 record-breaking year.

Here are all of our awesome 2014 wedding couples.

2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-01-800Theresa + Clinton2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-02-800Michelle + Andrew2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-02-800Pam + Adam2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-04-800Hollyn + Jarod2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-05-800Katie + Ryan2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-06-800Brittany + Joey
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-07-800Britney + Josh
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-08-800Jessy + Kyle
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-09-800Tenea + Archie
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-10-800Amy + Chris
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-11-800Joy + Mathew
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-12-800Katie + Tony
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-12-800Kalani + Stacey
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-12-800Laura + AJ
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-15-800Cindy + Eric
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-16-800Jenn + Steve2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-17-800Jenn + Josh2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-18-800Amanda + Michael
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-19-800Ashley + Steve
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-20-800Jacqueline + Patrick
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-21-800Jamie + Jeff
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-22-800Emily + Michael
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-23-800Susan + Scott
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-24-800Dera + Joe
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-25-800Christina + Colby
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-26-800Andrea + Bradley2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-27-800Chelsea + Joe
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-28-800Matt + Kristin
2014-Cincinnati-wedding-photograph-29-800Tamisha + Derik
Bonnie + Mike